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Updated 8/3/2005

CHARLES BRYAN was born Unknown, and died Unknown. He married ELIZABETH STANGER 19 Oct 1813 in Whitby, daughter of WILLIAM STANGER and HANNAH FISHWICK. She was born 16 Jan 1794, and died Unknown.

1841 Census No record found to date, - Feb 2005
However his youngest son Timothy Castley Bryan was born in Hartlepool around 1840, so the family were probably in Hartlepool for the 1841 census. Timothy does however appear in Whitby in the 1851 census - aged 10 living in the household of his brother Charles and wife Hannah - see notes for Timothy.

To date, no birth records have been found for Charles, although the following pieces of information may provide some clues:

Data from IGI
(A) Thomas Bryan married Mary Gage on 19/8/1771 in Skelton by Guisboro - M109602 0919077
Children from Thomas Bryan & Mary:
(B) Thomas Bryan christened 28/8/1781
(C) Charles Bryan born 9/6/1791, christened 28/12/1812

(D) Timothy Castley married Mary Bryan on 24/2/1767 in Skelton by Guisboro

(E) Thomas Castley married Mary Scarth on 29/3/1744 in Skelton by Guisboro

One might suppose the following:
(E) was the marriage which produced Timothy in (D)
Mary Bryan in (D) & Thomas Bryan in (A) were siblings.
Charles in (C) could be the same Charles who married Elizabeth Stanger as two of the surnames of marriages (A) & (D) were used as christian names for children of Charles & Elizabeth! This Charles would have been 22 at the time of his marriage.

CHARLES BRYAN's Occupation was a Mason

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