William Stanger who departed this life Feb 11th 1886 aged 78 years
Also Elizabeth wife of the above who died at Liverpool March 17th 1883, aged 50 years
May they rest in peace
Also Martin Roe Who died Feb 16th 1929 Aged 77 years
Also Elizabeth Wife of the above Died July 25th 1941 Aged 90 years

Mary Wilson Vasey
Died 20th January 1963 aged 80 years
Richard Gales Vasey
Died 2nd March 1967 aged 87 years
Also Agnes Elizabeth infant daughter
Died 6th July 1920
In loving memory
Mary Knisz
Daughter of
Richard & Mary
Died 1st April 1987
Grave No 5613

John Smith - Master Mariner
Who died Dec 15th 1862 aged 53 years
Also Mary wife of above
Who died January 3rd 1897 aged 82
Also Elizabeth Readshaw, daughter of the
above who died Feb 12th 1838 aged 8 years
Also Margaret Ann, daughter of the above
Who died March 22nd 1856 aged 6 years
Also William son of the above who was drowned
by the foundering of the Barque Gladiolus
On the passage from Digby US to Shields
April 12th 1874 aged 33 years

Loving memory of
Mary Emmaline
Beloved wife of
Matthew Roe
Died Jun 12th 1957
Aged 80 years
At rest
Also the above Matthew Roe
Died Feb 13th 1962, aged 87 years
Also Walter their son
Died Jan 5th 1971, aged 61 years
At rest
Grave No 7541

Loving memory of
Elsie, beloved daughter of
Matthew - Mary E Roe
Died Nov 14th 1907
Aged 3 years - 3 months
There's a friend for little children
Also Mary beloved wife of
Emanuel Martin
Died Dec 6th 1918
Aged 68 years
Also the above
Emanuel Martin
Died May 16th 1919
Aged 75 years
At rest
Also Flora daughter of Matthew - Mary Roe
Died Dec 6th 1955 aged 54 years
At rest
Grave No 7540

William Roe who died August 4th 1881 aged 70 years
Also Jane, wife of the above, who died January 6th 1895 aged 79 years
Also Thomas, son of the above, who died July 10th 1891 aged 54 years
Also Frances Jane beloved wife of Thomas Clark and daughter of the above who died January 30th 1894 aged 59 years
Mary Ann dau of the above who died in Infancy
Grave No 4089

Charles Bryan, who died January 4th 1897, aged 65 years.
Also Hannah, wife of the above, who died January 11th 1905 aged 74 years
Also Charles Edward son of the above who was drowned off Palling Beach October 28th 1882 aged 22 years.
At rest
Erected to their memory by the family
Grave No 742

Loving rememberance
Thomas Bryan
Who died June 2nd 1888
Aged 54 years
Also of
Margaret Bryan
Wife of above
Who died Dec 26th 1892
Aged 66 years
Also of
George Thomas
Son-in-law of the above
Who died April 28th 1923
Aged 62 years
Also Elizabeth Mary
Wife of above
Beloved wife of above
Died April 17th 1940 aged 80 years
In memory of
Their eldest son
John Ebblewhite Master Mariner killed at
Sea by enemy action May 30th 1942 aged 48 years
Frank Bryan Ebblewhite died Jan 21st 1975
Grave No 10

In Loving memory of
Henry Bryan
Beloved husband of Ann Bryan
Who died May 30th 1905
Aged 41 years
Thy will be done
Also the above
Ann Bryan
Who died October 21st 1932
Aged 62 years
Grave No 296

In Loving memory of
Frances Mary
Beloved wife of
Thomas Bryan
Died November 19th 1889
Aged 24 years
Grave No 5060

In Affectionate Remembrance of
Thomas Stephenson Bryan
Who died on
The 19th of August
Aged five months
Erected by his parents
Thomas and Margaret Bryan
Grave No 5061

George Frederick Walker
Who died June 23rd 1922
Aged 54 years
Also Anne
Wife of the above
Who died Feb 22nd 1917
Aged 58 years
Also their daughter
Ada Maria Bryan
Who died Jan 21st 1939
Aged 57 years
Also Annie Elizabeth and
Mary Eugenie Bryan
???? of the above
Grave No 4699

In affectionate remembrance
Mary Ann
The dearly beloved wife of
Benjamin Joseph Gibson
Who entered into rest on
Nov 27 1903 aged 63 years
Lifes race well run
Lifes work well done
Lifes crown well worn
Now comes rest
Also the above
Benjamin Joseph Gibson
Who entered into rest Oct 25th 1911
Nov 27 1903 aged 63 years
Aged 76 years
And with the morn those angel faces smile
Which I have loved long since, and lost awhile
Also their youngest daughter
Hilda Rachel Gibson
Who died 15th September 1964
Aged 83 years
At rest

In rembrance of
Charles Reuben & Ethel Mary Roe
Also George Leslie their son
Also FrederickWilliam Hodgson
Grave No 7643

In memory of
George Foggo
Who died 23rd Jan 1864
Aged 65 years
Also Ann wife of the above
Who died 21st July 1870
Aged 62 years