December 2012 - Possible identification of 3 more photos in the Victorian Photo Collection -
Book 2_19 - Agnes Maud Welford - a sibling of Anastasia Welford (wife of Charles Stanger Roe)
Book 2_28 - Charles Stanger Roe - elder brother of my grandfather Francis Roe Book 2_30 - Wife & children of James Matthew Roe - a son of Matthew Roe, an elder brother of my gtgrandfathe Martin Roe

June 2012 - With the National Probate Calender up to 1966 now available on Ancestry, I have been updating the Roe Family Wills Data in the Wills section.

June 2011 - With the 1911 Census films now available on Ancestry, I have been updating/adding to the Whitby data in the Family History Files section.

November 2010 - Some of the Monumental Inscriptions for Larpool Cemetery have been updated with their Grave Numbers.

August 2010 - With the availability of the National Probate Calendar on Ancestry, I have been able to find some more Roe & associated family wills and have now updated the 'old' table - see the Wills page

Following the availablility of FREE DOWNLOADS on the FIND MY PAST web site during the 2010 World Cup, I have been able to update a significant amount of the 1911 Census data for my ancestors. The first tranch was those in the Whitby area, see the Family Trees page.

June 2009 - I have now started to look at the 1911 Census for England and use the free search facility pick out family groups associated with my family. These are gradually being added to the Family Trees page. The initial additions are the Roes in Whitby and my greatgrandaunt Emily Dawson Wilson and her family in Pewsey, Wiltshire.

May 2009 - Improved picture of Battle of the Atlantic Memorial at Pier Head Liverpool added (this shows inscription of Lieutenant Commander G L Roe lost on HMS Jervis Bay)- courtesy of my brother Terry. This area of the Pier Head has now been re=opened to the public after major building work.

March 2009 - I have just located my grandfather and his family in Belfast in the 1911 census of Ireland. This site is FREE, unlike the 1911 England cenus which is pay per view for this level of detail

The details can be seen on the Family Trees Page.

October 2008 - I have finally managed to track down the birth details of Mary Halland - nee Wilson, elder sister of my gtgrandmother - Elizabeth Roe - nee Wilson. Mary had been eluding me for over 3 years as there were too many Mary Wilsons in the normal registers to be able to make a reasonable guess at the correct one (at 2.00 a time with the GRO!)

However a conversation with Ian Hartas of the Crewe Group of the Family History Society of Cheshire at a recent Crewe Group meeting pointed the way. Ian was giving a presentation on UKBMD, which aims to be a much better reference site for BMDs than GRO or Free BMD when completed as the information being transcribed comes from the local registers, not the copies sent to the GRO!

Mary was born on 19th March 1849 in Ogden Street, Ardwick, Manchester to David & Hannah Wilson, my 2x gtgrandparents

August 2008 - Orange have now extended the period of grace for the 'old' mysite web sites until 7th August 2008 - but I am not updating that site

The site hosted by Orange was removed on 7th August 2008. Any attempt to access it using the 'mysite' address results in redirection to a standard Orange Web page. Please use the NEW SITE ADDRESS if you end up on the Orange Web page!

Please have a look at some of the updating work I am doing on the site using WebPlus X2 from SERIF - Click to view

July 2008 - If you are reading this entry, then you have successfully reached my genealogy web site under it's new domain

The change is as a result of my ISP - Orange - withdrawing, from 28th July 2008, it's free web space allocation to those who create their web sites off-line and upload via FTP - File Transfer Protocol.

I was part way through re-vamping the site when my ISP notified me of the change and was unable to complete the re-vamp in time. So for the moment I am using the 'old' style of web site until I can complete the re-vamp into the new style. I will also be using a different package from Serif for the redesign - WEBPlus X2 - this has significantly more web design facilities than Page Plus 11.

April 2008 - Last year I had started to redesign the web site using XHTML tags, CSS and a little bit of AJAX. However the coding started to get quite complex and didn't always work across different browsers.

Therefore I abandoned that redesign and started to explore the web site graphical design tool within SERIF PAGE PLUS 11 - a software package which I use for producing complex newsletters. The initial off-line trials have proved very fruitful without the need to do too much extra coding. I have done some initial work to design the page template and made some trial pages.

A preview of the trial pages can be accessed from this web site using this link or from the side menu. If you have any comments please contact me via the e-mail link on the side menu.

Late March 2008 - Detailed information from the 1901 and most of the previous census returns back to 1841 are now available for the STANLEY, BRIDGE, BOWEN, de GRUCHY families.

Early March 2008 - Initial information on my research of the STANLEY, BRIDGE, BOWEN, de GRUCHY surnames is now available through a new link on the side menu. I have also started a new photo gallery for these family links accessible from the side menu.

My site HOME page has been enhanced with a banner cut from a photo of Whitby Abbey and surrounds, taken during the Whitby Group reunion in September 2007

January 2008 - I have recently been researching my partner's family history, which involves the following names - STANLEY, BRIDGE, BOWEN, de GRUCHY at the parent and grandparent level. These families at these levels originated from the London and Essex areas. I shall publish some more detail and photos in the first few weeks of February 2008.

November 2007 - Site search facility (courtesy of added to the side menu to enable visitors to search the site on a keyword such as a surname.

Descendant's Family Trees for Great & 2x Greatgrandparents level updated

Census information from 1841 to 1901 for the Whittle family (St Helens/Bolton) - maternal ancestors added

September 2007 - Some housekeeping on the site with the addition of a new page banner to most pages and some additions to the links page.

I have also split the Solved Questions from the Unanswered Questionsand put them on a seperate page

I have replaced the previous picture of the Roe family with a copy of the original picture without the annotations.

May 2007 - I have re-arranged the order of update information, so that the most recent appear at the top of the page.

I have now included in the Wills section., a list of family members for whom I have not been able to find a will.

March/April 2007 - I have now started exploring the National Probate Calandar (NPC) for information on Family Wills. The NPC lists all wills proved in England from 1858 to current day. The initial data gathered can be accessed in the Wills section.

January 2007 - Following a very interesting talk on 'Dating Victorian Photographs' at the January 2007 Nantwich Family History Meeting, I will be using the tips suggested to improve the dating of the Roe Family photos and therefore be in a better postion to make educated guesses as to the identity of the 'as-yet' unknowns!

The family picture on the home page of the web site has always concerned me as to it's true date, I discussed this with the speaker at this talk and we both concluded that it is more likely to be ~1875, due to the the women's hairstyles, from the speaker's view and the age of James Joseph Roe in 1868 (this would have been 13 or 14) from my view. James is middle left behind his mother.

December 2006 - The probate value of Mary Wilson's will is now known, see the Wills section. Background information on the history of Family Photographs is referenced in the Victorian Photographs section text.

November 2006 - Victorian photos update - With the help of Tom Roe from Whitby, a photograph showing a family group has been identified.

The photo is Book1_28 and is James Joseph Roe (b Whitby 1854) with his wife Margaret Russell (nee Wilson), Margaret's son from her first marriage - William (b Whitby 1875). The other children are James Roe (b Whitby ~1888), Gertrude Roe (b Whitby ~1882), Ethel Roe (b Whitby 1884) and baby Charles Wilson Roe (b Whitby 1889). Date of photo probably ~1890). Don't know the name of the dog!!

From this photo, 3 other photos are possibly identified:

November 2006 - I have just received from another family relative - Bettie Arnold (nee Fenwick), photocopies of 2 receipts for monies donated by Mrs Robert Wilson (Mary Stanger b 1804) for the building of the new Catholic Infant School in Whitby in1880. Bettie is another descendant of Martin & Elizabeth Roe, through their eldest daughter Marie Jane Roe - Bettie was also Christine Warhaugh's aunt. Christine was the source of the Victorian Photographs. Quite a loop! For the moment I have put a transcript of the receipts in the Wills section, as the source of the money was from Robert Wilson's will.

Hot off the press for October 2006 is a collection of Photographs, in 2 old albums, of the Roe family, relatives and acquaintances. These were in the possession of my third cousin - Christine Wardhaugh - who passed away in early 2005. By kind permission of her husband - Andrew - who has loaned them to me, I have scanned all the photographs - nearly 100 - and they are now available to view on this web site. The photos are mainly Victorian era and I would estimate they date from ~1870 to ~ 1920. Most of the people in them are not identified and I would appreciate any help in identifying any of them. Where known I have included details of the photograher and his location - this has already enabled me to potentially identify some people. These photographs can be viewed through the link Photo Gallery Special Victorian Photos. Just click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

As a follow-up to these photographs, I have researched a little of the ancestry of some of the photographers who took the photographs - have a look at the Odds & Ends section>.

Hot off the press for August 2006 is the news that, with the help of The Whitby Group, I have finally after some 10 years cracked the mystery of the origin of Thomas Readshaw Robinson. As I suspected for a long time, he turns out to be a child of Elizabeth Readshaw - but an illegitimate child, born in 1800 in Whitby, 2 years before Elizabeth became the 2nd wife of William Stanger.
Have a look at the Unanswered Questions page for the full story

On the research side, a number of contacts I have made recently February 2006 through the Genes Reunited web site, have enabled me to extend my research to my maternal ancestry - some of this data is now being uploaded into the "Family Trees" section.

In November 2005, having read some more about cascading style sheets (CSS), I started to re-design the layout using CSS to minimise the use of tables/frames and hopefully make navigation and overall impression better. The more extensive use of CSS also makes it easier/quicker to make adjustments to the site. I tested a preliminary version of the re-designed site with a few colleagues and they liked what they saw, so the full re-design is currently in progress. I hope to make it live in September 2006. Work on the Photograph collection - see below - has delayed this for another month or so.

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