Information extracted from Mary Wilson's Will


The following people are mentioned in the will of Mary Wilson
of 13 Esk Terrace, Whitby - dated 27th August 1886:
My annotations relevant to family history are shown in italics

Friends, Executors & Trustees---John Rowland - Ship ownerHusband of Mary Wilson's Grand Niece - Hannah M Foggo
---Christopher Marwood - Ship owner
Grand Nieces---Emily Dawson WardSister of Elizabeth Roe & Mary Halland - see Note 4
---Mary HallandSister of Elizabeth Roe & Emily Dawson Ward
---Elizabeth RoeWife of Martin Roe
Reputed half brother---Thomas Readshaw RobinsonIllegitimate child of Mary Wilson's mother, prior to her marriage to William Stanger
Reputed Nephews---James RobinsonSee Note 1
---Thomas RobinsonSee Note 1
Reputed Nieces---Elizabeth RobinsonSee Note 1
---Isabella HelmSee Note 1 & 4
Daughters of reputed nephew
John Robinson (deceased)---Two unknownsNot identified by name
Cousin---Mary SmithBorn as Mary Readshaw - See Note 2
Now established as Aunt to Thomas Leng and George Shimmings
Nephews---William BryanSee Note 3
---Thomas BryanSee Note 3
---Timothy Castley BryanSee Note 3
---Charles Bryan & wife HannahSee Note 3
---Edward WilkesUncle of Mary Halland (nee Wilson) and
Husband of Mary Bryan - a deceased niece of Mary Wilson
Relatives---Thomas LengSon of Elizabeth Leng (nee Readshaw)
Now established as Grand nephew of Mary Wilson
and cousin to George Shimmings
---George ShimmingsNephew of Mary Smith (nee Readshaw)
Now established as Grand nephew of Mary Wilson
and cousin to Thomas Leng
Others---Robert Wilson - deceased husband
---Richard Wilson - deceasedBrother of Robert Wilson
---Wilson WainwrightSon of Robert & Richard's sister - Elizabeth

  1. Children of reputed half-brother Thomas Readshaw Robinson
  2. Her Father was John Readshaw, a brother of Elizabeth Readshaw (William Stanger's 2nd wife and Mary Wilson's mother)
  3. Siblings of Hannah Wilson (nee Bryan) - mother of Elizabeth Roe & Emily Dawson Ward
  4. Both Isabella Helm & Emily Dawson Ward were visitors at Mary Wilson's house (13 Esk Terrace, Whitby) in the 1891 census, Whitby

A codicil to the will, dated 25th August 1891, referred to the' departure from this life' of Edward Wilkes, presumably around 1891 - his address in 1881 census was 14 Falcon Terrace, Whitby.

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