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Mary Wilson Roe
Date unknown - possibly ~ 1900

The Vasey Family at Falcon Terrace, Whitby
(link by Martin Roe's youngest daughter Mary Wilson Roe)
Front row: Christopher Vasey, Mary Wilson Vasey (nee Roe), Vincent Vasey, Richard Vasey, Martin Vasey
Back row:Joseph Vasey, Molly Vasey, Richard Vasey
Date unknown

Mary Wilson Vasey (nee Roe), Father Martin Vasey, Richard Vasey
Photo taken 1945

The Gibson Family at Gladstone House, Church Street, Whitby
(link by Francis Roe's wife Marianne Gibson)
Seated (left to right): Mary A, Hilda R, Benjamin J, Marianne, Elizabeth
Standing (left to right):Frances, Harry, Emma, Robert, Willie
Date ~1885

Hilda Margaret Roe - aged ~9 years - photo taken ~1910
Eldest daughter of Francis & Marianne Roe

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