Information extracted from Robert Wilson's Will


The following people are mentioned in the will of Robert Wilson
Borough of Whitby in the County of York - dated 6th July 1877:
My annotations relevant to family history are shown in italics

Gentlemen executors & Trustees---John Rowland - Ship ownerHusband of Mary Wilson's Grand Niece - Hannah M Foggo
---Thomas Pressick Yeoman
Wife's Grand Nieces---Emily Dawson WilsonSister of Elizabeth Roe & Mary Halland
Brother---Richard Wilson
Bother's children---William Wilson
---William Wilson's daughter - Ann FoggoMother-in-law of John Rowland
---Margaret ? (probably Muir)
Niece---Elizabeth Hall
Deceased Sister---Elizabeth Wainwright
---Elizabeth Wainwright's son - Wilson Wainwright
Others---John Rigg - in relation to a property
---George Buchanan - Solicitor
---Frederick Oates Harland - Solicitor's Clerk

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