Information about Thomas Roe and his family


THOMAS ROE was born 05 Apr 1838 in Whitby, Yorkshire, and died 10 Jul 1891. He married JANE REED 18 Sep 1862 in Whitby, daughter of JOHN REED and JANE NIGHTINGALE. She was born 1836 in Whitby, Yorkshire.

Notes for THOMAS ROE:
Address in Nov 1838 - 8 Stockton Street, West Hartlepool, Durham.
Occupation in Nov 1838 was Joiner journeyman.
More About THOMAS ROE:
Burial: Larpool Cemetry, Whitby - in grave of parents William Roe & Jane Wray

More About JANE REED:
Baptism: 05 Jan 1836

Children of THOMAS ROE and JANE REED are:
i. THOMAS NIGHTINGDALE REED ROE, b. 1862, Manchester, Lancashire.
ii. EMILY JANE ROE, b. Jan 1864, Whitby, Yorkshire.
iii. FANNY ROE, b. 03 Nov 1865, Hartlepool, Durham.
iv. SARAH ANN ROE, b. 1870.
v. JOHN NIGHTDALE ROE, b. 1872, Manchester, Lancashire; d. Unknown.
vi. JAMES M ROE, b. 1873, Manchester, Lancashire.

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