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Two albums of mainly Victorian photographs have been in the Roe Family since the late 1800's. I first saw them about 8 years ago in Stalybridge, when I visited my 2nd cousin Christine Wardhaugh - decended from my great grandfather Martin Roe's eldest sister Maria Jane Roe, who married Joseph Reed from Hull. At that time Chris had very little idea of the identity of most of the people, but in the meantime had been able to identify a few.

The albums are believed to originate with Martin & Elizabeth Roe. When Martin died in 1929, Elizabeth went to live with their eldest daughter Maria Jane, who had married Joseph Reed in 1897. They were eventually passed down to Maria & Joseph's daughter Winnifred and finally ended up with Christine - Winnifred & Herbert Stanley Wright's only child.

Christine and myself were in regular contact over family history matters. It was with great sadness that her husband Andrew rang me in February 2005 to say that she had collapsed and died only a few months short of retirement. Chris had so looked forward to spending more time researching our family.

During the summer Andrew kindly agreed to loan me these photograph albums, together with Chris' other family history research data to see if we could further the research into who these people were who were photographed in such elegant poses!

There are nearly 100 photos in the 2 albums - there are many different photographers from different parts of the country, however the bulk of the photographs were taken in Whitby. I have scanned all of them into 'jpeg' format and converted them into a web album format, which can be viewed by a wider audience on my web site. I have included in the caption details of the original photographer and where possible the identity or potential identity of the people in the photograph. The photographs are presented in the order in which they appear in the albums, but who is to know that they haven't been swapped about in the intervening years!

Please have a look at these photos and if you think you know who a person could be, contact me with your suggestion - incicate which page and the position on the page (for some reason I cannot yet get the photo file number to appear with the caption!)

The format of the pictures on the web site has been produced using Serif Media Plus 2

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me, I'm sure Christine would more than appreciate it up in the blue yonder!

Recently (December 2006), I discovered a very interesting book - see Bibliography - which details the history of Family Photographs from 1860 to 1945. The main popular photos from the Victorian era were Carte de Visites (CDV) introduced into Britain in 1857, followed by Cabinet Prints (CP) introduced in 1866 and finally Postcard Prints (PP) introduced in 1899. All 3 types are in the albums and are identified by these abbreviations.

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2005 Dr Bryan Roe - Crewe, Cheshire